Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rap, Dawg

First things should come first. I left my house today and sledded for an hour. I know how to party, pshaw. Also, I was the only one allowed to drive him or herself to the expedition at the local country club (Wow I sound suburban) which, if you knew me, would be funny to you too. Two comments on that. One, it must not be that fancy of a club. Despite the fact that I've lived less than a mile from it for sixteen years now this was my first time there and I feared that someone would come to kick me off their driving range. Not so. Nobody cared. So go country club for being that cool about it. Two, my car and I really bonded today. I haven't loved my white '98 Oldsmobile Cutlass as much as I should be because it is not my first car (consequences of the first car's demolition is my fear of driving, hence the "funny to you too" comment). But you know what? That granny car blasted through the slush and drifts with its front wheel drive like a boss. I owned those slick spots and subsequent fishtails. BAM.

Second, I think it's really important that my most recent search on Google was "shamwow guy in jail." Be jealous of my life. It was a really important MS paint project.

Third, I got an email inviting me to Oklahoma State's engineering scholarship interview weekend (THIS IS A BIG DEAL) AAAAH. Okay. Whoo. Cool.

Anyway, the real reason for all of this, rap music. First, in general, I know people who speak "proper English" always hate on it but, honestly, Shakespeare wrote for the masses like rappers do. I wonder if in the future students will be studying the lyrics of the notorious BIG. And mourning his death.

Also that song "Who Dat Girl." I like it (ashamed to say, but yes). This one part makes me laugh though.
"They ain't never shot her with silicon,
Shawty is her and her she's the real one
Touch one, grab one, feel one,
I wish she would'a told me that"

Sadly for men, not real life.
I just think OF COURSE you would want her to tell you that.  Life would be good. Haha. Anyway. That's it.

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