Saturday, February 5, 2011

Folding Paper

Okay so I have a friend named Carolyn who is extremely boss at origami. She's been FB posting her awesome creations. I was extremely bored at this point so I thought, hey Erin, go do summa dat! So I Googled how to fold paper flowers. And just let me say that even the easiest ones looked hard. I am not Asian enough for this. Well, I had a plan of attack at least. Then I thought, hey Erin, what kinda paper you gonna use? Cardstock's too tough. LAME! So I thought, hey Erin, go use an old book. I have several sacks that I need to donate so I rifled through them. I wanted to use a semi- good book that's not trash so if someone bothered to read the words it wouldn't say anything awful like "loins" or "Backstreet Boys." I found a nineties CliffNotes for A Tale of Two Cities. BAM. So I cut out squares and went going. Sadly, I suck at all but the "bluebell", which I only made because it sounded like bluebonnet, which is Texas's favorite flower. Anyway, I'm looking at these thinking about how much I suck and decide to paint the edges with black. Then I liked that so I painted ALL OF ITTTTT. When in doubt, slap more crap on stuff. Always true. Like makeup. ... ... ...

Anyway. They look nice. Texas agrees so it's not just me. I think I may give 'em to him. Why? When I have something I think is cool, why? Because what am I going to do with paper flowers?? Stuff like this doesn't mean anything until it's made special. You know, someone made it with you in mind and gave it to you or something like that. Well, I thought of him with those bluebells so. Anyway, I'm proud of myself for being productive so here are some pictures. :)
Forget what this is. Least favorite.


Generic flower. I cheated and glued a part I ripped.

Bluebells. Favorite.

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