Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I was listening to the radio on Monday and I heard something that just made me want to strangle the announcer. You know those moments where you hear something and you think, "No. No! Hey, that's not what that is. Stop it!" SAAAAME. Actually that's the  whole point of this.
Yeah, that sledge is mine.
I listen to NPR in the morning. No big thing. I was just listening and they started talking about churches being affected by the economic downturn. First they talked to the pastor of a small church who saved up to fix up an old building then went down the pooper. Here's the thing though. They were talking about how upset they were that the building was gone. I understand being upset that so much hard work would go to waste but I really wanted to punch they guy because of the tone he was conveying. It colored his meaning black in a way. See, the church is not a building. I mean, I go to a large church but out main sign doesn't label the building "Asbury United Methodist Church." It actually reads "Asbury United Methodist Church meets here." The church is the body of believers. It's the same way a house is not a family and a skyscraper is not a business. Therefore if the building is gone, as long as your congregation is still together so is your church. I mean it's not like Jesus had a church. He had himself and his disciples and those he blessed on the way. Then he died because of political pressure. Can I tell that story? I feel like telling that story really quickly.

So Christ went to trial for doing his thing, like healing people on the holy day and such. Basically the Pharisees were out to get him for anything they could because he was calling them out on their faults. He went to court under this guy called Pontius Pilate. Yes, his first name was Pontius. I just looked it up, in case you were wondering that too. Anyway, when you read the passages in the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) it appears that he was really reluctant to send Christ to a death on the cross, which was the most painful form of death the Romans could come up with (there's a program on the history channel around Easter about this and the evolution of crucifixion, which is interesting but awful because perfection experienced it). What caused him to make this decision was pressure from the crowd and the hierarchy. Isn't that crap? And it still happens in politics.

Back to this. After the small church they talked to what they called a "megachurch". And they discussed finances. I think the idea of this was altered through editing of what this woman on staff at the church said. Basically, she mentioned that their finances are fine because of their rich members tithing and more well off people joining. It doesn't sound so bad but when one heard it it just sounded like a money leech of a society. I sincerely hope it is not. With so many members it would seem that they are doing some things right.

Later that day I saw a commercial for an online Christian dating site. Honestly, maybe that's great for some people but it just seemed so odd to see something like that. Perhaps it seems like they are exploiting the idea that it's difficult to find Christian people to date and therefore are taking advantage of people? I don't really know. I suppose that, on the other hand, it could be great for some couples. I just don't know. It bugged me. Life isn't all about finding a spouse, I feel. Go ask a nun about it.

That's about it. I'm tired and dead after a lazy snow day (there are several feet of snow outside) so I hope this sounds intelligent and coherent. Derp!

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