Thursday, January 27, 2011


Okay I have to be honest. Every time I see a guy driving a truck I always relate it to the size of their... ahem... penis... okay. Like guys with small trucks say "Hey I'm a pretty cool dude. You could probably be my friend and I don't need a HUGE truck to compensate for my lack of endowment (or not lack, as it could be since I don't drive a HUGE truck). I might be your lucky day."
Things like this make me think either the guy has an awesome hobby or is my grandpa. And he's not my grandpa because he's dead. So by process of elimination, the owner of this is a cool guy.

This truck is something an average guy might drive. So I usually think he's probably pretty normal. There's a trend about these so far. Just average guys, right?
It's these trucks that get me. I wonder if this kind of thing is so big to make up for smallness in other areas. I wonder this a LOT. I think I'm obsessed. Perhaps I need to grow up. I mean I laughed during a Shakespeare monologue today when a girl said "fadge" which, you know, sounds like vag.
This kind of guy doesn't need the means to procreate. He drives a tractor as a primary vehicle and therefore is maybe inbred. Bloodline should be contained.
I want to buy this for Texas. I think he'll feel really manly, cool, and secure in his masculinity.
That's about it.

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