Saturday, January 22, 2011


Wow I have a trend of "ZOMG" posts. I need to watch that.

So today I went prom shopping with my mom. Now I realize that prom is in April and it's January but what with the musical starting I need to manage my weekends better. And yes, Texas wanted to hang out, but he could wait. And he did. Movie night tonight whoo! Anyway, prom. I think I've mentioned before that I'm hard to fit but it no longer matters. You know why? My mom has this philosophy about prom and wedding dresses. It goes something like "You only do it once." That means she's willing to buy a more expensive dress because it's special. And that means I can get alterations. So I'm going to talk about my experience.

Just for anyone who reads this, I live in a suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I spent my time mostly in bridal boutiques today. So I think I'm going to review them (and their dresses!).

The first place we went was David's Bridal, which is on 71st street south of the mall by highway 169.
Not the actual one in Tulsa, but same franchise
They have a pretty good selection of dresses. If you're looking for long dresses this is a good place to go. I'd say they have a few average dresses but they also have a few really unique, gorgeous ones. I found one I loved there. Unfortunately it made me look fourteen instead of eighteen but it was marvelous. If they're not too busy a lady will help you pull dresses and consult on shoes and prices and alterations (which they can do in shop for an additional fee) and such. She didn't praise every dress and had actual comments, which was helpful. I'd say prices here are about 150 and up. The dress I liked was in the 300 dollar range. Definitely hit up David's Bridal for prom shopping.  ( Their website! ).

The next place we hit up was called the Palace. This is also on 71st street around the mall. Further north than David's Bridal but not quite to Memorial. I'm not including a picture because it was very meh. They did have a few unique things but nothing that I would consider buying. It is a prom only store so there tend to be more prom bombs there. Also, I wear a 0-2 which is usually slim pickings. But, hey, this place is where a huge home decorating store used to be so it IS a warehouse. I think their things were a little pricy too. Also, not assistance from staff. And freezing cold.

Next up is Bridal Palace! Yet another 71st street place in the same shopping center as Incredible Pizza. This place was nice. They definitely lean more to pageant girls but that's not to say they didn't have lovely things. However, they're one of those places that does offer assistance. Their dresses are in the 200+ range (that's to say I tried on a 600 dollars [ugly] dress). The girls were helpful in pulling things and were willing to help zip and the like. The plus about the selection is they only carry one dress of each dress to eliminate duplicates. You end up trying on an 8 as a 0 and they cinch it up for you to see it. They also offer in- house alterations. My complaint here is every time I came out the entire staff said, "ZOMG that's sooo beautiful" or "I've never seen that dress on wowowowowow". NOT helpful, just annoying. But great selection. Hit them up.

We also visited a place called Alyssa's Bridal and Tuxedo. On the corner of 71st and Memorial but on Memorial. It was meh. Noone offered assistance and I found few dresses in my size that I liked. If I wanted the glitter monster to puke on my dress I'd ask. I think if you wore a 6 and up, this would be a really great place to visit though!

However I think I will be getting a dress I found at Faccianos. This is a small wedding boutique at 71st and Garnett. The lady who helped was very nice and perhaps overenthusiatic but still helpful. They had a few ballgowns and a few others. Not a huge selection but it made it easy to look! Also, their tags also list all alternate colors of a given gown. They way they do their shopping is they buy one of each dress and clip is when you try it on so that you can see size. Then they take measurements and order you the dress from the manufacturer that is closest to your measurements. If you want an alternate color, if available, they have color swatches of the actual fabric to show you so it's not just guessing. I would definitely check this place out. It's mostly a bridal salon but they do a little prom and what they do have is classy.

BUT HEY ALSO. Dillards should ALWAYS be checked out when shopping for dresses. You stand the chance of someone else buying your dress and they sell mostly short things BUT they have some long things too for a fair and modest price. Their dresses are about 100 dollars average.

I found both of these there. That first is rose patterned and the second is a ivory brocade. I like things that are a little different looking and not navy (I have always bought navy so not I can't [sadpanda]). They have normal dresses too though!

Aaaaand sorry if this was pointless but I had a good times and only Meredith will read this anyway. WHOO.


  1. Hahahahaaaaa...yesss! I read it, and love the honorable mention! Glad you had fun! There's an adorable shop behind the mall, across from forever 21 entrance called Tuxedos to Bridal. My dream dress lives there, for 700 bucks.... But...yeah :)
    Love you!