Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Okay so anyone know the show Gossip Girl? Me either. Here's a picture:
A bunch of slutty schoolgirls?
This picture clarifies nothing. Although I assume they gossip.

Anyway I was on Twitter (which I'm new to and don't understand, by the way) and lo and behold there is a "GossipGirl_BAHS" and "GosipGirl_BAHS2" and "GossipGuy_BAHS" and "GossipBoy_BAHS" and "Demosthenes_BAHS". So I looked at them. They appear to have started with the first one and anonymously say catty things about other people. You know what that means? SECRET BITCHES ABOUND. That first girl is the worst. See, here's my issue. If you wanna say mean things, grow a pair (or a spine?) and just use your name. I'm a little scared really because a few of them are following me. And I don't know that many people. So they have to be familiar with me. UUUUUUUH. Hopefully I'm inoffensive.

So's I get back on today and "GossipGirl_BAHS" has deleted the account. As my father would phrase (but probably not say to someone as an insult): anonymous coward. I don't feel that strongly about it... but still. I like that phrase. Let me use it.

Quote of the day:
"I just pulled those points out of my butthole." "Same. Our team seems to have really lucrative [butt]holes."

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