Sunday, January 2, 2011

It is Nigh

Well school starts back tomorrow and I officially have a week to pick a song to audition with for Little Shop of Horrors. So, in a moment of panic, I did what wise men do: google it. The Yahoo Answers people kept suggesting songs by the same composer of Little Shop, Alan Menkin. Let me just give a little sampling of what he wrote the music for:

A plant kills everyone in the world. Little shop.
Arab love conquers all. Aladdin.

Princess lost in New York finds love and vanquishes evil. Enchanted.
Freak locked in a tower conquers bad guys. Hunchback of Notre Dame

White man meets red man and are in love, racial stereotype version. Pocahontas.

Mermaid falls for man. Love conquers all. Little Mermaid. Also, I've always wondered how she kept that bra thing on in the shower. I mean for reals.
Now. Which one doesn't belong?

You got it right. This guy sat down and spewed out Disney gold. I didn't include Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, Newsies... He's a big deal. Anyway, it looks like I'll be performing a Disney number. I'll probably sing "Part of Your World". I have several reasons.
1. I can sing it without sounding like I'm trying to be awesome. It's just a normal song.
2. I know the words :D
3. I can play it on the piano. Which means I can splice together the parts I like.
Three VALID reasons. Hopefully anyone who would mock me for this would read this post. On the downside, this song will make it look like I'm auditioning for Audrey, the main character. I can't BE her because I'm not good at playing the sex object (and don't have the body for it) and I WANT to be in the chorus. So let it be known that this song was chosen ONLY because it's the best option. Not because I want a lead.

Here's the thing about having a lead: it's NOT fun. Yeah, people see you onstage and compliment you BUT you never get to sing in the fun songs, you dance less or not at all, you can't hang out backstage, you have more rehearsals, and you don't meet as many people. Chorus is SO the way to go, just for anyone who doesn't know.

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