Friday, December 31, 2010

Auld Lang Syne

It is FINALLY 2011. Which means school is upon me, as are musical auditions. We're doing Little Shop of Horrors and I would really like to be a part of the "sassy black woman chorus". I don't know why I put that in quotation marks. I made it up. And I need an audition song by like... next week. And I was inspired playing just dance. Maybe "Proud Mary" or that James Brown song.

Rung in the New Year chilling and playing Just Dance. The usual squeaky clean activity I participate in. I'm sorry I'm not more exciting. But I do have a resolution. It's to stop hating. If hatas are gon' hate, I suppose I shouldn't. I'm sick of it and it makes me feel mean. And Texas has an uncanny way of pointing out that the things I say are, indeed, gossip. Our drama class gossips most of the time, actually. It's just not okay. I want to be nice to people.

So on a totally unrelated note I like drawing. And I do draw. I creep on Facebooks and steal photogenic pictures and copy them, if that's not super creepy. I tend to think it is but whatever. It's public for a reason. So I can integrate you into my creative psyche. BWAHAHAHA. Most people don't know I like to draw other than doodles for general amusement. But I do. So there's that. I said all of that to suggest perhaps I should scan them and put them here. Then the whole internets can revel in my mediocrity and my friends and followers (of who I have none) can tell me I'm wonderful because all they can draw are stick figures.

I have come to the realization that when boys write songs about how great girls are it's really cute.
This is the internet's interpretation of "sweet teenage boy"
All the girls say  "awww" and wish boys would write them songs. Then if a boy really does, they think it's creepy. HYPOCRITICAL WOMEN. I mean, I do it too but I am still going to judge my sex. Now I'll judge men AND women. When a woman writes a sweet song about a guy it's sappy, implies that the women is pathetic and too tied up in him, things like that.
No, really, this is the face of a doting woman. Right? Right, world?
Civilization has called for an end to chivalry while simultaneously mourning its loss. As for me, I want to hear a song about how much a girl likes how her man plays blues guitar and rolls back his shoulders when he's mad and talks really slow when he's telling a story. How she thinks his eyes are beautiful and likes the way he treats his mom. Also, alternative to writing a girl a song: tell her to listen to one that reminds the male of the female. Like Texas told me to listen to "Hard to Be" by The Vaughan Brothers. And it's really adorable. Go look it up right now. I try not to gush about him too much but he's really quite sweet to me. I really appreciate him.

I am the one person in the world who draws better faces than inanimate objects. I swear.
Okay, this is a Guess jeans ad. But.... still on the internet.

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