Sunday, December 26, 2010

The First Day After Christmas...

I missed the whole Merry Christmas bandwagon that killed Twitter. I guess I have too much family to be spending time with instead. I got some stuff for Christmas but that's all it was. Just stuff. I got on Facebook and saw a girl who posted everything she got. I remember doing that one year. And thinking about it just about makes me sick. Christmas is absolutely NOT about all the crap you got. If we're really going to look at it, it started as a pagan ritual and the Christians put a holiday near it to get some good out of it. Jesus was probably born in the spring since those shepherds were out. It's a holiday to celebrate the gift of a sacrifice that would pay for everything we could ever think of doing. It's a holiday to thank the guy who gave it. Culture made it into some crap about getting useless stuff. And you know what the worst part is? I do it just like everyone else. I'm a excellent hypocrite, actually. I can have high ideals bouncing around in my head with actions that are completely incongruous with those thoughts. It's bunk but that's the way it is.

I actually left my house today. It's been a while. I've been kind of hermit- like, just willing people to spend time with me. Too bad the world can't read my mind. Actually it's probably a good thing because I have some extremely random thoughts sometimes that should have STAYED in my head. I have a journal entry to prove it from earlier in December. I can supply it if need be. Anyway, Mom and I went to Target to see if they had a video game my brother wanted that was on sale. Out of stock. Target continues to disappoint. I had an unfortunate episode there a few weeks ago in which the restroom remained elusive. I have bad luck with restrooms. We also bought socks there so my new shoes can not rub blisters on my heels. I hope.

I also went to see The Black Swan today. Here's my review: the idea was really good and the acting was really good and I'm sure all of the critics and hipsters loved/ will love/ do love it but it is really not my type of movie. Too much fingering. I must be too immature to handle stuff like this because I closed my eyes sometimes. I mean what was I SUPPOSED to do? Watch Natalie Portman hump her hand? I didn't want to so I didn't. And I didn't really get it (or try to) until the end. And when I figured it out it was alright. But I think I may just prefer sci- fi movies and romantic comedies and musicals and westerns to sad or deep movies. Like Donnie Darko? I didn't NOT enjoy it, but I didn't enjoy. At the end I was like "Oh, that was it? Huh." And then rejoiced at the existence of Jake Gyllenhaal's self. I like to look at him. But for reals. I need to keep seeing crappy movies that don't force me to feel emotions. I mean that's what our drama teacher says about theatre. That people don't see it because it forces the audience to get emotionally involved. We just did Our Town in the thrust style so people were all up in it and I was Emily and I'm pretty sure I made somebody's gramma cry. And my boyfriend's mom. And my mom. See? They get invested? Most people in the world like to glide by and feel nothing! Why do you think drugs are so popular? Just saying.

Mr. Fantastic, as he should be.

Okay that's the end.

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