Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's... Thursday?

Just real quick. The name of this blog thing. It's not creative at all. It's part of my name. Which is not Brook. But I was in a crunch to think of something and it sounds all nice and such.
This is a pleasant brook. Imagine it being west of somewhere. That's what I think of. I found it on Google amidst softcore pornographic images of girls named Brooke. I finally understand why the public school system blocks Google images.

Now that I see it, the brook looks a little bit muddy... kind of like the creek out behind my neighborhood. Isn't it good to live in a place where there are actually "cricks" to "waller" about in? It's more fun than it sounds. Like Taco Bell. Much more fun than it sounds. Like wearing coveralls on a date. Much, much more fun than it sounds.

Yes, despite being a petite female, I did wear coveralls on a date. There's a place in town called Rhema Bible College (Sometimes mocked as a college. However, they have random super specialized degrees about setting up foreign orphanages, which no matter how you swing it is a good thing for the world to have people majoring in) that has Christmas lights set up every year. A LOT of Christmas lights. And me and the boyfriend were like "Hey. Let's go." This is especially a big deal considering that, A, we never go anywhere and, B, he'd never been before despite having lived here for four years. Weather here has been unseasonably warm due to El Nino (I know there's an accent in there. Cannot make computer function), a fact little known to the Facebookers who say "Oh my Gawd, this weather is lyk soooooo crazzzy!" Yes, internet, the weather is fickle here but at least sometimes it has a reason. So it's been pretty warm except for this ONE Saturday when it was balls cold. Texas decided that coveralls were the PERFECT thing to wear. I mean, they are warm and we weren't cold but I did look like a sack in his brother's pair. Which I couldn't remove or put on by myself. And I just want to
The actual pair I wore
 put out there that I looked DARNED attractive before I donned them. And of course I saw people I knew there. Of course. Story of my life.
No, really. I am THAT kid.
These things always happen to me. And by these things I mean things worse than this. Like things that are actually bad and/ or horrifically embarrassing.

Anyway, it might be helpful to go ahead and say right now that I may be the most boring teenager alive. I make good grades, have never had alcohol (except at a wedding) or smoked, middle class, the works. I hardly ever do anything unless someone asks and they never remember to. Haha. So that's that.

But yesterday I was NOT boring. Actually that's probably not true because I wasn't doing anything particularly interesting but boy was I NOT in my house. I hung out with a genius- boy, a Mexican, a Vietnamese, and a boy who thinks I'm ridiculously tiny and likes to rape hug me a lot. Not like molesting or anything but just a lot of hugs that were hard. Curse small bone structure. I say we were boring because we went to get ice cream, went to Taco Bueno (not as good at T Bell), then went to genius- boy's house. Now have you ever had someone pick you up in such a way that you thought you might be getting molested in the near future? Not seriously thinking that but just for a few moments... wondering? Yeah, me too. SAME. Hugging boy picked me up in some hold with a name. All I know is an arm went between my legs and, luckily, was not actually a grope but some strange way to turn me upside down and fling me on a cushioned surface. I was also almost suffocated with world's hardest pillow.

But really, internet, the main reason I started up this whole blawg thing was to say "HAHAHAHAHA really?" in response to ANOTHER blog I read. See, some people poke fun at this girl's blog but as I read her words I laugh to myself because some things on there are legitimately funny. Or I think they are funny. For instance, there's a superJesusgirl at our school who at first glance seems creepy but is actually rather nice (those types always are). This blog says that the author was out boppin' around and saw superJesusgirl sucking face in a park and cuddling. Yeah, public cuddling, okay. But I would really like to see this girl suck face in public. I think it would be funnily uncharacteristic. Not that making out is of the devil or anything and if it were, not like doing one bad thing makes a person evil, but I would still laugh.

One more fun fact about me. I'm a super Facebook creeper. I take any accepted friend request as an invitation to look at all posts, statuses, pictures, etc of them and LAUGH. I have one FB friend who is not my normal acquaintance (sibling of a friend, actually) and is probably characterized in that sect who thinks "Jersey Shore" behavior ought to be emulated rather that scorned. Anyway, he has some hilariously sleazy things to say and I only hope they are jokes. I think my favorite is in response to the comment "Pussy." (I added in punctuation and capitalization). His response was "Haha. I am what I eat." Now I like wordplay as well as the next nerd but usually when my friends say things like this it's a joke. The backing knowledge that his response is likely true makes me want to vomit, slightly. Just slightly because it's still funny.

Speaking of funny, since it's the Christmas season, this is for anyone who has seen the Human Centipede (I haven't but I've had it described to me in great enough detail to NEVER EVER watch it).
Get it? Eh? Eh? Eh? I though it was funny. Again, wordplay.
That's it, I guess.
The end.
Also, I am not smart enough to figure out the spacing on this thing. Apologies.

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