Monday, January 10, 2011


Anybody know that song? I think it's really catchy and since it even borderline sortof  applied to what I'm writing about today.

Which is dance auditions. You know I've been talking about the musical and blah blah blah so here's how the dance auditions went. Now I am not a good dancer. I am passable though so I usually scrape by and stand in the back during the big dance numbers. However, I have some observations about the crowd that was present:
1. The dancers are gone. Kaput. There remains only a handful of girls (and a boy) who are what I would call good. Then there is a group that moves well but doesn't look trained. Then there are people at or below my level. The rest of them are. I mean COME ON. This is sad.
2. Everyone is much more afraid to humiliate themselves that I am. I mean psh I went first. My logic behind this is that since I was in the show last year the auditioneers already know that I am not a good dancer.
3. Nobody shuts up. No silence.
4. The choir kids sing constantly. You can walk by them and there's a fifty fifty chance that when two or more of them are together they're talking about songs from choir or singing them. And, as patient as I'm trying to be, I still want to punch some people. Too soon? Yes. I'm working on it. It may have been the cold making me irritable.
5. Thank goodness for vocals tomorrow. I has need for confidence.

On another note I always wonder about this phenomenon (side note- just typed in in the bar. hehe):
This is a tangent. Don't google "swimmer". Even though this is another phenomenon that I wonder about.
Okay so this is not exactly the photo I wanted but I was really afraid of searching "Girls in swimsuit" or "nip".:
Weird shaped chest, huh?
I wonder if guys think thin swimsuits are attractive. I think it may come down to the person. Like the bulge. My friends generally think that's gross. More- ahem- promiscuous girls may tend to disagree. Just like some more promiscuous men may find thin swimsuits attractive? Me, I think it's weird when you can see that and I hate unlined or unpadded or whatever swimsuit. They make me self- conscious.

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