Saturday, March 5, 2011


I made this joke with my friend, Sam, whose mom helps out with costumes for our show. There's a song number called "Skid Row" which features homeless people, whores, and housewives (nice alliteration, huh?) and EVERYONE wanted to be a whore. So I told Sam, "Hey tell your mom to get a costume from the BACP that's a prostitute outfit that'll only fit me." I was joking (hence calling it a joke).

 So then today we try on costumes. And my costume's pretty good. Then a girl comes out in a really cute suit dress looking thing, which is apparently how school appropriate sixties hookers dress. It was too small. So we trade and I'm putting on this costume and it fits. Whoo! I can barely breathe but it's an awesome costume. I may not be the thinnest girl in the show, but my hips are the least suitable for childbirth. Though I will begrudge this later, for now I am grateful.

Also, if this made little sense and has lots of typos... it's past ten. I don't function past ten.

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